Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dog Hotel Singapore

Dog hotel Singapore is an important service for the many dog owners. Dogs in singapore are precious members of the owners' family and in the modern world of singapore, dogs are trreated with respect and love. therefore dogs in singapore are important and well taken care of.
Dog hotels are not like the typical hotels you stay when you travel overseas. There are different services from different companies.
Some is outdoor without aircon and usually those are the cheapest because they lease cheap land from the authority and many open kennels are setup for dog hotels. If your dogs are well pampered, they are going to suffer in these dog hotels. There are better dog hotels in Singapore that provide aircondition cages so the dog can enjoy a better environment. However those cages are very small and gives the dogs a cramped area. This is stressful and sad environment which we owners need to feel it from their point of view. The best are those dog hotels that have playpen using the floor and plenty of space in a aircon environment. However rates are higher but you let your dogs have a better life while you enjoy yours during your holiday.
Looking for dog hotels in singapore is not a easy feat as there are many many in the market and few people reviewing them.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dog Hotel Singapore Requirements

Dog Hotel in Singapore getting popular along the years as there are more and more Singaporean owning dogs. Dog is one of the most wanted pets in Singapore. Singaporeans are always busy with work and have been ranked as the top country in Asia per capital that travel the most. As such Singaporeans will need assistance to take care of their dogs, this give raise to the need of dog hotels.

Dog hotel has many requirements, that the dogs have to meet before a pet hotel will take in your dog. Usually the requirements are vaccination, licenses etc. The dog must be firstly licensed according the AVA regulations. This ensure that the dog is a legally owned dog by the owner and also safeguard the dog hotel from getting an abandoned dog without a trace.

Secondly, by AVA regulations, dog must be vaccinated and there is a complete list of vaccination that a dog must go through after several months. Vaccinated dogs protects other dogs and the pet assistants from possible sickness. For those dogs that are too young, vaccination are usually not completed and owners definitely will have difficulties getting a dog hotel to fill them in. So dog owners, do plan well your trips before getting a baby pet dog.

Thirdly the condition of the dog must be in good health and free from ticks and fleas. Any sickness and ticks and fleas dogs will likely be rejected by the dog hotel. The reason is simply to prevent the spreading of the problems to other dogs. If you are reading this blog, please be a considerate owner and social person to make sure you send your dogs into hotel in good conditions. There are often cases that the dog hotel neglected good checks on the dogs. This leads to problems spreading to other dogs and give problems to other dog owners. Dog owners may find their dogs with ticks and fleas ad they will never go back to that dog hotel anymore.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pet Hotel Problems

Singapore Pet Hotel Problems
Singapore Pet Hotel Problemsare often heard every now and then. What are the usual problems in Pet Hotels? Pet Hotels are not always as ideal as you think. There are many things to be careful of when sending your pet into a hotel.

Pet Hotel Ticks and Fleas
Pet Hotel Ticks and Fleas are the most common problems you can hear from many people. Sending your ticks free pets into a dirty hotel can allow the pet to interact with dirty pets and the place may be infested with ticks. Dirty pet hotels if not well cleaned and maintain, will allow ticks and insects to grow and hide all over the place and it will become a best place for all these insect to multiple in large numbers. If your pets are infested by ticks, most likely you are going to shave down your pet. Shaving down the pet can be quite disheartening for your pet. Worse of all, your beautiful pet becomes very bald and ugly. All the effort to groom your pets has gone to waste. How sad can you and your pet be if they go out in bald style. It is important to check the place and environment of the pet hotel.

Pet Hotel Food
Pet Hotel often includes basic food. Usually such food are low grade so that they can maximise their profit. Worse of all, they may even ask you to pay additional money for better food or more meal. Money is the way to good. Some pets come back skinner because the pet hotel do not bother to ensure your pet eats finish the food. If your pet is particular with food, it may end up getting hungry for many days. Pet hotels may be too busy to be bothered. Ensure delicate attention will be given to your pets.

Dangerous Pet Hotel
Pet Hotel with a dangerous environment can cause harm to your pet. If the place has high stairs, holes all over the places or even sharp objects, it can pose injuries to your pet. Some pets may have cuts and twisted limbs. The pets will not be able to tell you what happen to them. By then, injuries has been done. So sad.

My advise for pet hotels is a good clean environment, good loving staff and delicate attention for your pets. Too commercialized pet hotels may neglect your pets. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pet Hotel Singapore

Pet Hotel Singapore
Find Pet Hotel in Singapore is sometimes easy but important. Finding pet hotel in Singapore can be quite easy. There are people who does that in their own home or at their own backyard. Why i say that it is important is because of the quality and the credibility of the company. I myself is a pet owner and has several encounters with few pet hotels service due to the nature of my work. I need to travel frequently and need help from Dog Hotel Singapore to take care of my dogs. I have encountered some problems with some of these service providers.

Why need Pet Hotel Services in Singapore?
Singaporeans at times are not able to bring their pets along with them. Such times are when they are going overseas and their pets are not able to join them due to the AVA regulations. Other times are holidays period where they need to move around like Chinese New Year, going around visiting customers. Friends visitation can be tiring for some pets like dogs and cats. These friends might not like these pets to be around in their house as they might dirty their place or sensitive religious problems. Therefore there is a need for Pet Hotel Singapore here or it is known as Pet Boarding Singapore too.

Important Information on Pet Hotel in Singapore
It is very important to find out about the pet hotel that you wish to bring your pet to. Some information such as price, location, services, conditions and warranty. There are different rates for different pet hotels. Some pet hotels gives different rates for different breeds and also different size too. If you have an hamster, your rates should be lower than hotel rates for dogs. Some pet hotels or dog hotels gives a fixed rate for dogs, if you have a large dog, then you gain the money. Location is important for you to frequent the place or get someone to pay a visit to check on your pet. Sometimes you might go for couple of months and need your parents to pay your pet a visit occasionally. Another thing about location is if your pet is staying in a busy location where there are alot of busy noise? If your pet is staying is suburb areas where they are highly subjected to dirt and ticks or even danger. Hotel services like bring your pet ie dogs for walk so there are some outside air to breathe, some outdoor dogs need to go out to do their business too. If they can do customised food for your pet such as cooking raw food, mixing wet and dry food. Sometimes there are additional cost for these pet services. Lastly is the pet hotel conditions, this is important because my own dogs often come back with flea and ticks and i am very disappointed by some of these pet hotels in Singapore. Therefore i have switched and tried several pet hotels for my dogs. Some conditions of these dog hotels are dirty and you do not know it until you have visited it yourself physically. My advice is to physically visit the pet hotels to have a good look at the pet hotel.

Singapore Pet Hotels Business
This business is an easy business and it is a growing niche business here. The setback is the cost of this service because of the low price compared to those in the overseas where it is much more profitable for them and their facilities are much better and professional. We hope this services can improve and increase as time flies and better services for our pets. To be fair to the business here, i should not name any because i have some bad experience with some and good with some. Do not give up hope in searching for pet hotels in Singapore. you can find them online, in magazines and newspapers. It will be obvious if i state some here. Cheers to all pet owners.